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Make an Impact This Xmas Season with Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Make an Impact This Xmas Season with Outdoor Christmas Decorations by Chucky Anderson

The purpose of outdoor Christmas decoration is to spread the joy of the season to every aspect of your home and garden as well as to share it with others who may be driving by. Be sure however, before spreading too much Christmas cheer with neighbors, friends, and family that you are going to be able to handle the bump in electricity costs for the year. To maximize the impact of your outdoor decorating you may need literally thousands of lights. The lights that are affixed to pre formed stands often have a great impact, you can find these in the shapes of angels, Santa, and reindeers quite abundantly; as do nativity scenes and toy trains.

Other popular outdoor Christmas decorations include plastic or fiberglass figurines that are lit either from within or behind. These figurines come in many shapes and sizes and depict characters that are both Biblically and secularly related to Christmas. Some common characters and figures you will find in this style are Santa, candy canes, elves, reindeer, nativity scenes, angels, shepherds, and three wise men.

The nativity scene, that for many signifies the complete and total meaning of Christmas, is by far the most often seen lawn ornament of the holiday season. The nativity scene is a visual representation of the birth of Christ. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus are the three mainstays of the nativity scene, but there are often the three wise men, an angel, a couple of shepherds, and various animals to represent the farm animals.

From simple wooden carved nativity scenes to those highlighted with brightly colored blinking lights, there is something to suit almost every decorative taste as far as nativity scenes go. If money is an object, and around the holidays it is for most of us, you can try the cardboard cut out nativity scenes that are lit from a single light in the front. If you really want to be creative you can try for one of the snowfall light boxes that uses a rotary wheel that plays on the light in order to create a 'snow fall' effect on your nativity scene.

Relatively new to the outdoor Christmas decoration scene and a huge hit with the kiddos are the giant inflatable decorations. I have seen these represent snowmen, Santa, even Snoopy and the kids all point, stare, and have these really big, silly grins when they see them. While this particularly outdoor Christmas decoration is definitely a show stopper, by far, the best feature about this one is that it folds down really small when it comes time to pack and store it away until next Christmas.

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